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All About Air Brushing

Ever wonder how airbrushing is done? Well, here is a quick run through on how to do just that. Airbrushing is a painting technique in which you can create creative images with an airbrush in many different types of surfaces. May it be airbrushing at hard surfaces or soft types of clothing, you can do any piece of artwork. Whether it may be your very own masterpieces as a hobby or you can do this as a career. And surely some people would be dying to have some of their things painted and you can do it for a price. From nails to T-shirts, to vehicles to walls, to helmets to tables; airbrushing can be done to nearly everything that has a surface and you can create any sort of things on a surface like car decals available in the market..

With the right skill, right imagination, the right tools, and some practice, surely your way to becoming an airbrushing professional is on the horizon. Now, all you have to do is to get to know how to do it first and then it is up to you to practice and be a master of the art. All that you’re going to be needing are some newspaper prints, coloring for your airbrush, airbrush and hose, easel, and carbon dioxide tank. You would need a double-action airbrush to get things started. They can be either the bottom food airbrush or the gravity feed, it’s your choice.

 For the airbrush colors, you can also use food coloring for that, and the color of choice would most likely be black. Put your large pad of newsprint in your easel for it to lean on. Holding the brush is just like holding a pencil, easy. Now, put your index finger on the top part of the trigger. Let the hose rest on top of your forearm, so you could have a better handle of the hose when you are doing the airbrushing and be sure not to tangle the hose up. Clutch the airbrush upright to the image surface. Keep in mind that when you pull the trigger down, this would be making air and when you pull it back it will spray the paint.

Make sure to always press the trigger down in order for air to escape as this is how airbrushing is properly done. Starting with little circles, grasp the airbrush near the surface of the painting and squirt a small amount of paint rapidly. If you want to try on making lines, move the brush gradually and continuously while you paint all over the newsprint. As you do this, bear in mind that the thickness will depend on the amount of paint your spray and the distance of the airbrush. Practice more and you’ll get the hang of it sooner or later.

 See that was easy! Now, all you need is a piece of art to follow and a surface to paint to practice on. It’s better to practice with something to follow first to determine how accurate you with the lines and/or circles. Then you can go on your own afterward and create an airbrush masterpiece of your own!